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Neural Computation - Contents - Volume 20, Number 12 - December 1, 2008


Optimization of decision making in multilayer networks: The role of Locus Coeruleus
Eric Shea-Brown, Mark Gilzenrat, and Jonathan Cohen

Indices for Testing Neural Codes
Jonathan Victor and Sheila Nirenberg

A Mathematical Analysis of the Effects of Hebbian Learning Rules on the Dynamics 
and Structure of Discrete-time Random Recurrent Neural Networks
Benoit Siri, Hugues Berry, Bruno Cessac, Bruno Delord, and Mathias Quoy


A Fast, Streaming SIMD Extensions 2, Logistic Squashing Function
Jonathan Milner and Angus Grandison


Gamma Oscillations in a Non-linear Regime: a Minimal Model Approach Using 
Heterogeneous Integrate and Fire Networks
Brice Bathellier, Alan Carleton, and Wulfram Gerstner

Analytical and Simulation Results for the Stochastic Spatial 
Fitzhugh-Nagumo Model Neuron
Henry Tuckwell

Representation and the Timing of Reward-Prediction Errors in Models of the Dopamine System
Elliot Ludvig, Richard Sutton, and E. James Kehoe

An Ongoing Subthreshold Neuronal State Established Through Dynamic Co-Assembling of Cortical Cells
Osamu Hoshino

Optimal Approximation of Signal Priors
Aapo Hyvarinen

Sleeping Our Way to Weight Normalization and Stable Learning
Thomas Sullivan and Virginia de Sa


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