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This is a reminder that the abstract deadline for the 2009 computational
systems neuroscience (Cosyne) meeting is Tuesday December 2nd at 11.59pm

Instructions on abstract formatting are available here
Please note that the abstract formatting has changed significantly since
last year so be sure to read these instructions carefully.

You may begin the submission process here:

Conference registration is available here:

*Dates and location*

The 2009 Cosyne Meeting will be held in the Marriott, Downtown, Salt Lake
City, Utah from the 26 February - 1 March 2009.

The main meeting will be followed by a series of workshops at the Snowbird
Ski Resort, Snowbird, Utah on the 2nd and 3rd March 2009.

About Cosyne

The annual Cosyne meeting provides an inclusive forum for the exchange of
experimental and theoretical/computational approaches to problems in systems

The first Cosyne meeting, held in 2004 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
drew over 350 participants. Since 2005, the meeting has been held in Salt
Lake City, Utah. It has attracted a growing number of participants, from
nearly 400 in 2005 to almost 500 in 2008.

To encourage interdisciplinary interactions, the main meeting is arranged in
a single track. A set of invited talks are selected by the Executive
Committee, and additional talks and posters are selected by the Program
Committee, based on submitted abstracts.

Cosyne topics include but are not limited to: neural coding, natural scene
statistics, dendritic computation, neural basis of persistent activity,
nonlinear receptive field mapping, representations of time and sequence,
reward systems, decision-making, synaptic plasticity, map formation and
plasticity, population coding, attention, computation with spiking networks.

The abstracts of the 2009 meeting will be published by Frontiers in Systems
Neuroscience. Similar to the abstracts of the Society for Neuroscience
meeting, these abstracts are citeable, but they are not full-length
proceedings and therefore do not preclude further publication.

*Cosyne 2009 Invited Speakers (confirmed):*

   * Keynote: Richard Axel (Columbia University and HHMI, USA)
   * Cori Bargmann (Rockefeller University and HHMI, USA)
   * Alexander Borst (MPI, Germany)
   * Jack Gallant (UC Berkeley, USA)
   * Read Montague (Baylor College of Medicine, USA)
   * Henry Markram (EPFL, Switzerland)
   * Earl Miller (MIT, USA)
   * Carl Petersen (EPFL, Lausanne)
   * Jennifer Raymond (Stanford University, USA)
   * Stephen Scott (Queens University, Canada)
   * Shihab Shamma (U Maryland, USA)
   * Joshua Tenenbaum (MIT, USA)
   * Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

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