[Comp-neuro] synaptic plasticity, tagging, and maintenance

Wulfram Gerstner wulfram.gerstner at epfl.ch
Mon Nov 24 17:27:49 CET 2008

Dear colleagues

We would like to make you aware of two  preprints
of two independent groups on the topic of synaptic plasticity and 

Both papers introduce computational models of early and late LTP and 
synaptic tagging, and integrate a wide range of experimental findings 
into unified models.

Adam B Barrett, Guy O Billings, Richard GM Morris, Mark CW van Rossum (2008)
State Based Biophysical Model of Long-Term Potentiation and Synaptic 
Tagging and Capture

Claudia Clopath, Lorric Ziegler, Eleni Vasilaki, Lars Busing, Wulfram 
Gerstner (2008)
Tag-Trigger-Consolidation: A Model of Early and Late 
Long-Term-Potentiation and Depression 

Both papers will appear in PLOS Computational Biology.

Kind regards

Mark van Rossum and Wulfram Gerstner

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