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41ST EBBS Annual General Meeting
Rhodes, Greece
September 14-18, 2009


The 41st EBBS Annual General Meeting will be held on the Greek island
of Rhodes,
September 14-18, 2009. The local organising committee, chaired by Fotini
Stylianopoulou is enthusiastically committed to the organisation of what will
be an outstanding scientific event. The programme, as usual, will be entirely
based upon plenary lectures and symposia plus free communications in the form
of posters.

To have a well-balanced and high scientific quality programme it is most
important that the proposals reflect the scientific interests of the EBBS
membership. We can only achieve these goals of scientific excellence and
membership interest through active participation of EBBS members in
of the programme. The EBBS committee, acting as the programme committee, urges
members to submit proposals for symposia on topics of their choice and to
encourage colleagues, EBBS members or not, to submit proposals.

? Symposia may be proposed by EBBS members or non-members, with no
? The organizer should be an established researcher.
? Symposia are two hours in length and comprise four speakers.
? Speakers should ideally provide a balanced mix of presentations of a wide,
synthesis or reviewing perspective on the topic covering several years
of work,
and descriptions of some new data, relevant to the topic.
? Symposia having one young speaker at the doctoral/postdoctoral level will be
? Speakers, and only speakers, receive a free registration. No other
financial assistance is available.

Download a form from http://www.ebbs-science.org/ and send your
proposal as an attached file by e-mail before June 15, 2008 to the
Programme Chair, Nicole van Steinbüchel
nvsteinbuechel at med.uni-goettingen.de
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