[Comp-neuro] Language and Neurons - Theoretical Approaches, Symposium at Bar-Ilan U., June 23-25, 2008

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Language and Neurons -Theoretical Approaches

*The Leslie and Susan Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
June 23-25, 2008*

The aim of this symposium is to analyze hypothetical neural networks 
that can process and produce language, and that can be evaluated by 
criteria of both physiological and linguistic plausibility.  The 
symposium will address a central question of neural processing: how can 
neural circuits model rule-based systems, implementing processes that 
involve hierarchical, partly recursive, composition of primitives.  The 
symposium will consist of invited presentations, discussion sessions and 
open poster sessions.

To register, submit a poster, or request further information please contact:

Ms. Henia Gal (henia.gal at mail.biu.ac.il)
Gonda Brain Research Center,
Ramat-Gan 52900, Israel
Tel: + 972 3 531 7755
gondabrain.center at mail.biu.ac.il
Confirmed Speakers:_

Abeles M.,  Bar-Ilan U., Israel
Ben-Shachar M., Bar-Ilan U., Israel
Bienenstock E.,  Brown U., USA
Braitenberg V., Tuebingen, Germany
Faust M., Bar-Ilan U., Israel
Friedman N., Tel-Aviv U., Israel
Lavidor, M., Bar-Ilan University
von der Malsburg C., Frankfurt, Germany
Pulvermueller F.,  MRC, Cambridge, England
Rothstein S.,  Bar-Ilan University
Shastri L.,  UC Berkeley, USA
Smolensky P., Johns Hopkins U., USA
Tishbi N., Hebrew U., Israel
Treves A., SISSA, Italy
Van der Velde F.,  Leiden U, The Netherlands 

_Organizing Committee:_

Abeles M.,  Bar-Ilan U., Israel
Bienenstock E., Brown U. USA
Rothstein S.,  Bar-Ilan University

Posted by: Elie Bienenstock (elie at brown.edu)

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