[Comp-neuro] INCF MUSIC project: request for comments

INCF - Elli Chatzopoulou elli.chatzopoulou at incf.org
Mon May 12 11:27:05 CEST 2008

The INCF has engaged in the development of software that allows large 
scale neuron simulators to communicate during runtime. An RFC - Request 
For Comments - document is now available and open for comments on the 
proposed design and prototype specifications. MUSIC (Multi-Simulation 
Coordinator) is a project under the INCF Program on Large-Scale Modeling 
of the Nervous System.

The aim of the INCF MUSIC project is to provide a standardized software 
interface (an API) on top of the message passing interface (MPI) for 
communication between parallel applications for large-scale simulation 
of neural networks. It enables the transfer of massive amounts of event 
information and continuous values from one parallel application to 
another, including applications that use different data allocation 
strategies. In the design of the standard interface, care has also been 
taken to facilitate easy adaptation of existing simulators and enable 
straight-forward independent third-party development and community 
sharing of reusable and interoperable software tools for parallel 


for more.

Download the MUSIC RFC [pdf]:

For comments, you can use the mailing list at
  music-rfc at incf.org

to which you can subscribe here:

Many thanks to Örjan Ekeberg and Mikael Djurfeldt for
their excellent work so far.

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