[Comp-neuro] Brian: a pure Python neural simulator

Romain Brette romain.brette at ens.fr
Wed May 7 18:56:59 CEST 2008

Brian: a pure Python neural simulator

Brian is a new simulator for spiking neural networks available on almost 
all platforms. The motivation for this project is that a simulator 
should not only save the time of processors, but also the time of 
scientists. Brian is easy to learn and use, highly flexible and easily 
extensible. The Brian package itself and simulations using it are all 
written in the Python programming language, which is an easy, concise 
and highly developed language with many advanced features and 
development tools, excellent documentation and a large community of 
users providing support and extension packages. This makes Brian an 
excellent choice for teaching.
Brian is being developed by Romain Brette (brette at di.ens.fr) and Dan 
Goodman (goodman at di.ens.fr).

The web site (http://brian.di.ens.fr/) contains a few examples (click on 
Demo), installation instructions and the documentation. There is also a 
public forum where you can ask any questions: 

Romain Brette

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