[Comp-neuro] Postdoc: Single Neuron Computation

Sharon Crook Sharon.Crook at asu.edu
Thu Mar 20 21:26:07 CET 2008

We have an opportunity for postdoctoral research in the area 
of single neuron computation. This collaborative project in 
the labs of Sharon Crook (http://math.asu.edu/~crook) and 
Carsten Duch (http://sols.asu.edu/faculty/cduch.php) involves 
using computational approaches to investigate the function 
of the structural and synaptic remodeling of an insect motoneuron 
for its changing behavioral role. We will also test Cajal’s 
Neuron Doctrine, which envisions the neuron as the smallest 
functional entity, by examining the computational and 
functional independence of dendritic sub-domains. 

We have a strong interdisciplinary component in neuroscience 
training and research at Arizona State University 
(http://neuroscience.asu.edu), and the postdoctoral researcher 
will also interact with faculty, students and other postdocs 
in the Center for Adaptive Neural Systems (http://ans.asu.edu). 
This project will provide experience and training in research 
design, computational and mathematical approaches, advanced 
analysis procedures, and possibly experimental techniques. 
Training in computational neuroscience and programming experience 
are essential, and experience with NEURON would be beneficial.

For more information, contact Sharon Crook at Arizona State 
University (sharon.crook at asu.edu).

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