[Comp-neuro] International Symposium dedicated to Brain-Computer Interfacing

Steensel, M.J. van M.J.vanSteensel at umcutrecht.nl
Tue Mar 11 14:56:31 CET 2008

Dear Colleague,


Please take note of the following symposium on Brain-Computer


Yours Sincerely,

The Organizing Committee of 'Brain-Computer Interfacing in 2008'



'Brain-Computer Interfacing in 2008'

A Symposium on the cutting edge of Applied Neuroscience


Brain-Computer Interfacing is a young research arena where leading
experts from various fields converge to perform Applied Neuroscience on
the cutting edge. Where the goal is to develop Neuroprosthesis systems
for people who are paralyzed.


What is this?                 A two-day symposium on Brain-Computer


When and Where?        Utrecht, Netherlands,  July 3-4  in 2008


By Whom?                   RMI Utrecht and the BRAINGAIN Consortium


For Whom?                  Anyone interested in:

Human Brain Function

                                    Interfacing with the human brain and

                                    Developing solutions for paralyzed


What is special?            14 Speakers from US and EU

2 days of cutting edge science

Leading experts present their work


For more information, please visit  <http://www.bci2008.nl/>



M.J. van Steensel, PhD
UMC Utrecht

Dept. Neurosurgery


Mailing address:

BCI, G03.223

Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht

Tel. 088-755 5121 

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