[Comp-neuro] Network issue 19.1

Geoffrey Goodhill g.goodhill at uq.edu.au
Sun Mar 2 07:33:31 CET 2008

Issue 19.1 (March 2008)

Geoffrey Goodhill

Daniel Amit (1938-2007)
Nicolas Brunel

Book Review: Dynamical systems in neuroscience: The geometry of
excitability and bursting, by Eugene M. Izhikevich
Bard Ermentrout

Inferring the capacity of the vector Poisson channel with a Bernoulli  
Don H. Johnson and Ilan N. Goodman
Inferring input nonlinearities in neural encoding models
Misha B. Ahrens, Liam Paninski and  Maneesh Sahani
(FREE ACCESS until March 16th 2008)
Information measure for analyzing specific spiking patterns and
applications to LGN bursts
Kate S. Gaudry and Pamela Reinagel


Geoff Goodhill
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