[Comp-neuro] Postdoc position announcement, IBM Research (in collaboration with Stockholm Brain Institute)

James R Kozloski kozloski at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 30 20:54:00 CEST 2008

Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Computational Brain Modeling at IBM 

IBM is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to participate in a joint 
research collaboration between the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and the 
Stockholm Brain Institute (SBI) in Sweden. This collaboration will involve 
modeling multiple brain regions and their interactions to provide insights 
into the emotional system and its effects on behavior and learning. The 
post-doctoral researcher will analyze, propose, and develop neural systems 
models at various levels of abstraction. The researcher will also test 
these models and validate them against experimental data acquired by our 
research collaborators and data in the literature. The researcher will 
interface with modelers, experimentalists, and computer scientists. 
Further, the researcher will develop software for models and neural system 
simulation environments targeted for high performance computing platforms, 
especially the Blue Gene/L supercomputer. Finally, the researcher will 
publish research results. Time will be spent in both Yorktown Heights, NY 
(IBM), and Stockholm, Sweden (SBI).

Required qualifications and skills
* PhD in neuroscience, engineering, computer science, physics or related 
* Strong background in computational neuroscience and neural system 
modeling, including experience with a broad range of neural modeling 
techniques such as compartmental modeling, integrate-and-fire neurons, 
Wilson-Cowan modeling, non-linear system dynamics, etc.
* Strong mathematical and statistical analysis skills. 
* Strong computer science skills, including experience with C/C++ 
programming, Linux, distributed and parallel processing, MPI, and MatLab.*
* Strong communication skills. The ideal candidate will be fluent in both 
Swedish and English.

To be considered for the position, the applicant must apply through the 
web posting. Here are the directions to the posting:
1) Go to https://jobs3.netmedia1.com/cp/search.jsp?tc=1209499928350
2) Search for "neural system modeling"


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