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Hans A. Braun braun at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Jul 24 14:02:08 CEST 2008

Hi Jim, Nathan and everybody,

my first mail which was sent on Jim's reply on your, Nathan's announcement
has obviously not been distributed via the comp-neuro mailing list. 
As I have seen, JF Vibert had the same problem.
In between, I have been going to the NeuroComp website and registrated again. 
Maybe, this one works. I am not sure, so I am again have addressed this mail directly to you (few more addresses added).

I am pleased to see that such an intense discussion developed. Many interesting points have been made about oscillations and noise. Thanks also for the reference list, Malcolm. Will this be updated?
Of course, one should not forget "noise heroes", as for example Frank Moss and Peter Haenggi. And there are many others who have made major contributions. . 

Especially, I noticed that there is broad agreement that one has to be very
careful in comparing biological systems with technical systems. 
This is the point, very simple, which I wanted to make!  
Major aspects have perfectly been summarized by Ali.

I completely agree, Jim, when you now say that the nervous system uses the technically undesired properties like noise, oscillations etc. as sources of its efficiency. 
So, it's not the question "whether" but "how". 
Be careful to ask "why". This often comes close to teleology, wwith implicit reference to a goal motivated, evolutionary engineer, like god. 

I regret, that I actually don't have much time for more intense discussions.
I am under pressure with submitting a paper about noise and oscillations in neural synchronization ;-).

Enjoy the hopefully nicely modulated noise from the waves at the beach, Jim.

Best regrads to everybody

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