[Comp-neuro] 2008 Computational Cell Biology Course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Chris Fall fall at uic.edu
Thu Jan 31 21:30:18 CET 2008

Computational Cell Biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York

There is a large void to be filled with realistic descriptions of  
cell biological processes in neural models. Therefore, we are pleased  
to announce (to the comp-neuro community) a new summer course in  
Computational Cell Biology at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  
outside of New York City on Long Island. The course will cover the  
computational modeling of cellular processes including intracellular  
signaling, Ca2+ signaling in particular, gene expression, cell cycle,  
molecular motors and motility, cardiac modeling and other topics.  
Lecturers will include both experimentalists and theoreticians.

This course is principally sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The application deadline is March 15. The course is focused on  
advanced graduate students and postdocs, although retraining faculty  
would also be appropriate.  We welcome mathematically inclined or  
interested biologists as well as biologically inclined researchers  
with a quantitative background. Please see the Cold Spring Harbor  
course website for details.


While we are still finalizing the schedule, faculty that have agreed  
to participate, in order of arrival, are:

Chris Fall, Illinois Chicago
Greg Smith, William and Mary
Les Loew, Connecticut
Bard Ermentrout, Pittsburgh
Jim Lechleiter, Texas San Antonio
Barbara Ehrlich, Yale
Boris Slepchenko, Connecticut
Artie Sherman, NIH
Charlie Peskin, New York University
David Terman, Ohio State University
Alex Mogilner, UC Davis
Dean Bottino, Novartis
Stas Shvartsman, Princeton
Claire Tomlin, UC Berkeley
John Tyson, Virginia Tech
Tim Elston, North Carolina
Jeff Hasty, UC San Diego
Jill Sible, Virginia Tech
Reka Albert, Penn State
Jennifer Linderman, Michigan
Ravi Iyengar, Mount Sinai
Jason Haugh, NC State

The course is organized by

Tim Elston
Chris Fall
Greg Smith
Les Loew
John Tyson

Chris Fall
fall at uic.edu

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