[Comp-neuro] Scholarpedia: Suggest new authors

Eugene M. Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at nsi.edu
Wed Jan 30 19:15:51 CET 2008

The goal of Scholarpedia is to invite today's living legends to write 
articles on the topics of their expertise, so that these articles are 
maintained by the future generation of experts, say 50 years from now.

Whenever possible, editors of Scholarpedia choose the original authors, 
i.e., those who made the discoveries and inventions, e.g., Gene Roberts, 
the discoverer of GABA in the brain, was invited for "GABA", Seiji 
Ogawa, the inventor of fMRI, was invited for "fMRI", Benoit Mandelbrot, 
the inventor of fractals, was invited for "Fractals", and so on. 
Identifying such "originals" requires considerable time and effort.

There is a class of encyclopedic entries where it is obvious who the 
author should be - "named articles". Indeed, J. J. Hopfield should be 
invited for "Hopfield network", T. Kohonen should be invited for 
"Kohonen network", R. FitzHugh should be invited for "FitzHugh-Nagumo 
model", Y. Sinai should be invited for "Kolmogorov-Sinai entropy", 
Wilfrid Rall for "Rall model", L. Chua for "Chua circuit", and so on 
(all these original experts have already written their articles).

The editor-in-chief of Scholarpedia asks the help of the community to 
identify such "named articles". The instructions of how to 
nominate/suggest authors are at 

The named articles could be in any field of science, not necessarily 
neuroscience or dynamical systems. Please, verify that the person is 
indeed the original author. Only "named topics" are accepted at the 
present time.

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