[Comp-neuro] Results of election of authors in Scholarpedia

Eugene M. Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at nsi.edu
Wed Jan 30 02:07:51 CET 2008

Scholarpedia - the free peer-reviewed encyclopedia - is conducting 
election of authors for certain articles with the goal to identify the 
best living expert to invite to write the articles.

The results of recent election are:

Moshe Abeles elected for "Cell assemblies".
Leon Chua elected for "Chaotic oscillators".
Howard Eichenbaum elected for "Memory".
Yann LeCun elected for "Object recognition".

All these experts have already agreed to write their corresponding articles.

The lists of nominees (in the chronological order of nomination by the 
public) are provided below.

==Cell assemblies==
1. Moshe Abeles **
2. Kenneth D. Harris
3. William H. Calvin
4. Guenther Palm
5. Gyorgy Buzsaki

==Chaotic oscillators==
1. Jurgen Kurths
2. Leon O. Chua **
3. Michael Zaks

1. Larry R. Squire
2. Howard Eichenbaum **
3. Endel Tulving
4. Alan Baddeley

==Object recognition==
1. Mohammad Reza Daliri
2. Yann LeCun **
3. Michael Tarr
4. Irv Biederman
5. Charles G. Gross

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