[Comp-neuro] Manchester Workshop on Local Field Potentials

Marcelo Montemurro m.montemurro at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Jan 29 12:23:32 CET 2008

Dear all,

we are pleased to  invite you to attend the Workshop "Local field
potentials as a vista on the function of neural circuits: Advances and
challenges for computational and mathematical Neuroscience",
funded by the EPSRC through the UK Mathematical Neuroscience Network ,
the Manchester Neuroscience Research Institute, and the Faculty of
Life Sciences of the University of Manchester.  The event will bring
together a number of leading international speakers to present cutting
edge research on brain oscillations from a broad perspective.

The date, time and venue for the workshop are as follows:

4 April 2008, from 10:30 to 17:30
The University of Manchester
Faculty of Life Sciences
Smith Building, Lecture Theatre, Rumford Street St.

Further details and travel information can be found at

Registration and attendance are free. However, places are limited, so
we suggest that you register as soon as possible by sending an email
to neuralcoding at gmail.com (complimentary buffet lunch will be

Confirmed speakers:

* Stuart Baker (University of Newcastle): Correlating LFP with the
periphery: corticomuscular coherence and directed coherence

* Nicolas Brunel (University of Paris V) : Fast oscillations in network

* Jozsef Csicsvari (University of Oxford): The role of network
oscillations in organising hippocampal cell assemblies.

* Alain Destexhe (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette): The 1/f frequency scaling of
local field potentials and its relation to neuronal activity

* Rosalyn Moran (University College London): Bayesian Inference on
population synaptic physiology using Neural Mass Models of Local
Field Potentials

* Stefano Panzeri (University of Manchester): The information content
of local field potentials and spikes in visual cortex

A limited number of small bursaries to support the travel of PhD
students and postdocs are available for participants traveling within
the UK.  To apply, send an email to neuralcoding at gmail.com .


Marcelo Montemurro
Stefano Panzeri
Rasmus Petersen

Dr. Marcelo A. Montemurro
Faculty of Life Sciences
University of Manchester
Jackson's Mill, G7
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Sackville St
M60 1QD
United Kingdom

phone : +44(0)161 306 3883
fax   :   +44(0)161 236 0409
e-mail: m.montemurro at manchester.ac.uk
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