[Comp-neuro] Beta 1.0.0 release of MOOSE simulator

Upinder S. Bhalla bhalla at ncbs.res.in
Tue Jan 8 03:41:25 CET 2008

7 January 2007
We are happy to announce the first Beta release of the Multiscale 
Object-Oriented Simulation Environment, MOOSE.


What is MOOSE:
A GENESIS compatible (well, mostly) simulator rewritten from scratch in C++.
Models everything from single molecule dynamics to large neural networks.
Runs natively on Linux, Solaris, Mac, (probably other Unices), and 
shortly Windows.
Designed for automatic parallelization and Python and XML interfaces.

What to get:
Binaries for your favorite platform
(Optional) DOCS tree for documentation and TESTS tree for examples.
(For the brave) Source tree for building the whole thing on your system.

Why to get it:
To begin the process of getting your GENESIS models to run on MOOSE.
To help with building a next-generation simulator.

What the main distro does:
GENESIS scripting
Kinetic simulations
Single-neuron simulations
Network simulations.

What to do when it crashes or if it doesn't do what you need:
Submit a bug report on SourceForge at

What to do if you want to contribute code:
Email us!
bhalla at ncbs.res.in, niraj at ncbs.res.in, subha at ncbs.res.in, 
raameshd at ncbs.res.in

Thanks to: Developers, support from NCBS, DAE/SRC, DBT, NIH, EU-India 
Grid and earlier support from Biophase.

Happy New Year!
-- Upi Bhalla on behalf of the MOOSE team

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