[Comp-neuro] PhD position in Synapse protein network modelling, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Niels Cornelisse niels.cornelisse at cncr.vu.nl
Wed Dec 17 11:25:42 CET 2008

The Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research in Amsterdam (CNCR,
see www.cncr.nl <http://www.cncr.nl/>) and the Swammerdam Institute for
Life Sciences (SILS, see www.science.uva.nl/sils) are seeking
applications for

1 PhD-student

(computational neuroscience/systems biology)

fixed term, each 1+3 years

*Systems Biology of the Synapse*

Synapses are the fundamental processing elements that form the basis for
the unsurpassed computational power of our brain. At the same time,
synapses are in itself rather simple, well-defined structures of +/-
1µm^3 with probably a maximum of 2 thousand different types of proteins
present. We will apply a systems biology approach to identify protein
networks underlying synapse function and to translate this into a
realistic dynamical model for synaptic signalling. This PhD project is
part of a larger project which contains a “wet” proteomics research line
and a “dry” network modelling research line. Researchers on both
research lines will collaborate intensively. This project is supported
by and embedded in the Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology (NISB,
see www.sysbio.nl).

*Research project: Synapse Protein Network Modeling*

The project consists of two phases. First the network of interaction
between synaptic proteins (interactome) has to be established form prior
knowledge, existing data and data generated in the “wet” proteomics
research line. The important proteins that play a role in the
functioning of the synapse can then be identified in the network. The
tools to be used in this research are primarily from network theory,
statistics and computer science. In the second phase of the project the
dynamic interactions of the proteins that form core-hubs in the synaptic
interactome will be modeled using coupled linear differential equations.
Model parameters are fitted from experimental data on synaptic signaling
in hippocampal neurons. Model predictions will be experimentally tested
in our lab.

*Suitable candidates:*

We are looking for candidates with a master degree in Mathematics,
Statistics, (Bio)physics, Computational Neuroscience, or Systems biology
and an interest in neuroscience. A strong motivation to pursue a career
in science, an interest in working as a team and the ability to work
across disciplines are required.

  *Applications and more info*

Please send CV and cover letter to Els Borghols at
els.borghols at cncr.vu.nl <mailto:tina at cncr.vu.nl> with position 32B
subject line *_before January 15^th , 2009_*. More info can be obtained
from Matthijs Verhage (project coordinator) at
matthijs.verhage at cncr.vu.nl <mailto:matthijs at cncr.vu.nl> or Niels
Cornelisse at niels.cornelisse at cncr.vu.nl <mailto:matthijs at cncr.vu.nl>.

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