[Comp-neuro] migraine modelling workshop - Jan 9th 2009 UK

Stephen Coombes stephen.coombes at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Dec 16 14:43:34 CET 2008

Non-local neuronal connectivity, wave control and migraine modelling
Jan 9, 2009
University of Nottingham, UK

Second announcement

This one-day workshop on large scale neuronal dynamics relating to  
migraine will cover a broad spectrum of topics including models of  
cortical dynamics, cortical spreading depression, reaction-diffusion  
and delayed integral models, functional and structural connectivity of  
the cortex and propagating wave analysis.  The aim is to bring  
together experimentalists and theoreticians working on different  
aspects of migraine and to provide a forum for discussion about future  
modelling directions.  The meeting will take place on Friday, January  
9, 2009 at the University of Nottingham and is open to all.

Registration is free and includes tea/coffe and a buffet lunch.

Please note that the number of participants will be limited to around  
50 and that there will be no registration fee.  Places will be  
assigned on a first come - first serve basis.  Please send an email to  
Stephen Coombes - stephen.coombes at nottingham.ac.uk - for registration.

For those wishing to attend from within the UK some financial support  
is available to support travel costs.  Priority will be given to PhD  
students and post-docs.  Please contact Stephen Coombes directly to  
make a request for travel support by e-mailing stephen.coombes at nottingham.ac.uk 


Markus Dahlem (Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Berlin)
Guillemette Chapuisat (LATP, Marseille)
Henry Tuckwell (MPI MIS, Leipzig)
Wytse Wadman (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, Amsterdam)
Axel Hutt (Laboratoire lorrain de recherche en informatique et ses  
applications, Villers-les-Nancy Cedex)
Oscar Herreras (Functional and systems neurobiology, Madrid)

Workshop web-site:  http://mathneuronet.org.uk/Meetings/migraine09/

Scientific Organisers
Markus Dahlem (Berlin)
Stephen Coombes (Nottingham)

Stephen Coombes
Professor of Applied Mathematics

School of Mathematical Sciences
Nottingham, UK

Tel:  0115 846 7836
Fax: 0115 951 3837


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