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Hi all,

I´m with Dr. Bower in that we have to change our preconceptions about the cerebellum. 

The changing view about the cerebellum, ussually considered as a center for motor processing and coordination just  as it was for the basal ganglia that now we know that is also involve in cognition, is pointing to the recognition of its influence in mediating the cognitive funciton in the healthy brain and responsible for the disfunctions of mental disorders such as in schizophrenia (Nancy C. Andreasen and Ronald Pierson, 2008, "The role of cerebellum in Schizophrenia,Biological Psychiatry, Volume 64, Issue 2, Pages 81-88.) 

But as tip, i prefer a more convenient title for this thread "cerebellum and more philosophy" because where i learned that movement and thought share common similarities, was reading philosophical work such as  Patricia Churchland´s  and Philip Guerrans´ work, and because philosophy is the old lady that has been dealing with thought since millenia, so we cannot free ourselves from doing philosophy even if we think we are scientists: science and philosophy is a continuum, science and philosophy are one and the same.


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