[Comp-neuro] Special Issue 'Interactive Educational Media for the Neural and Cognitive Sciences' published in Brains, Minds, and Media

Soeren Lorenz soeren.lorenz at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Aug 25 11:41:47 CEST 2008

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Special Issue on
'Interactive Educational Media for the Neural and Cognitive Sciences'
now freely available in Brains, Minds & Media,
the open access eJournal of New Media in Neural
and Cognitive Science and Education:  

This special issue of Brains, Minds & Media covers a broad range
of interactive research media and tools with a strong emphasis on
their use in neural and cognitive sciences education. The focus lies
on the question of how these media and tools can significantly
enhance learning and teaching, and how a curricular integration can
be achieved.
Tools and projects covered are: SNNAP, Topographica, SimBrain,
PDP++, SPatch, BrainMaps, ModelDB, Neurons in Action,
CELEST, and Monist.
Written by researchers, tool developers and experienced academic
teachers, this collection provides an orientation guide not only for
teaching researchers but also for interested teachers and students.

'Brains, Minds & Media' is an open access journal for media in
research and education in the neural and cognitive sciences
(see http://www.brains-minds-media.org/aims").
Information about manuscript submissions
can be found at http://www.brains-minds-media.org/guidelines.
Please send your submission to editors at brains-minds-media.org.

If you have any questions, please contact info at brains-minds-media.org.

Soeren Lorenz (editorial co-ordinator)
soeren.lorenz at uni-bielefeld.de

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