[Comp-neuro] 3-D tracking software request

Mitra Hartmann m-hartmann at northwestern.edu
Fri Aug 22 17:01:01 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I am looking for free, user-friendly software to track human head 
movements in 3-D by combining the views of two or three standard video 
cameras.     Does anyone have any recommendations?    Here is some more 

    * I am using standard NSTC video cameras (30 fps).  I could use two
      or three of them, depending on what the software requires.
    * There will be no occlusions or shape deformations, so it should be
      a relatively simple problem
    * Markers could be placed at various locations on the head if
      necessary, although ideally not.
    * I need to track translations as well as all rotations (6 DOF).   
      However,  movements of the head will be limited.  For example, the
      subject will not walk across the view of the camera.  Instead, the
      subject will be sitting down in a chair, moving his head. 
    * Ideally the tracking would operate in real-time.   I imagine that
      with markers this may not be asking too much?

Thanks for any thoughts,


Mitra J.Z. Hartmann, Assistant Professor
Departments of Mechanical Engineering 
	and Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL, 60208-3107

I am very difficult to reach by phone.
Please send email instead.

Office: (847) 467-4633 
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m-hartmann at northwestern.edu

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