[Comp-neuro] Sharing analysis algorithms

Cengiz Gunay cgunay at emory.edu
Thu Aug 21 15:17:13 CEST 2008

On Wed, 20 Aug 2008, Michael Schmuker wrote:

> a ) The neural ensemble: http://www.neuralensemble.org/
> ...
> b) The find toolbox: http://find.bccn.uni-freiburg.de/
> ...
> I'm sure there are many more similar approaches; any suggestions are 
> appreciated :)

We have been developing another Matlab toolbox for analysis of 
electrophysiology datasets - both modeling and recording. Our PANDORA's 
toolbox takes a database approach to analysis by tagging the data and 
providing a metadata infrastructure in native Matlab, providing access to 
several intracellular recording, database and statistics analysis 
functions. It does not require any external database software and it 
supports many simulation and recording data formats. It is listed under 
both SimToolDB and INCF Software center as mentioned earlier in this 
discussion thread:



The toolbox was used to analyze a database of this globus pallidus 
neuron model:


in producing this publication:

Gunay C, Edgerton JR, Jaeger D (2008) Channel density distributions 
explain spiking variability in the globus pallidus: a combined physiology 
and computer simulation database approach. J Neurosci 28:7476-91

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