[Comp-neuro] Re: Reproducability, Funding, and a note on hippocampus

Ted Carnevale carnevalet at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 21 17:19:30 CEST 2008

james bower wrote:
> Unfortunate, given that I agree, the Hippocampus provides a wonderful 
> opportunity for moving the infrastructure of computational neuroscience 
> forward -- in addition, in Roger Traubs efforts, you have one of the 
> first serious efforts to build a realistic network model - unfortunately 
> still, I understand, in Fortran, but never-the-less a great base of work 
> and thought.

A NEURON port of the model described in these papers has been

1. Traub RD, Contreras D, Cunningham MO, Murray H, Lebeau FE, Roopun A, 
Bibbig A, et al (2005) A single-column thalamocortical network model 
exhibiting gamma oscillations, sleep spindles and epileptogenic bursts: 
Appendix B. J Neurophysiol 93(4):2194-232

2. Traub RD, Contreras D, Whittington MA (2005) Combined 
experimental-simulation studies of cellular and network mechanisms of 
epileptogenesis in vitro and in vivo. J Clin Neurophysiol 22:330-42

Runnable source code may be downloaded from ModelDB, via accession
number 45539.  Implementations are available in ifc FORTRAN, g77
FORTRAN, or NEURON's hoc and NMODL.   This link is provided for
your convenience:




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