[Comp-neuro] Re: Reproducability, Funding, and a note on hippocampus

james bower bower at uthscsa.edu
Wed Aug 20 18:46:09 CEST 2008

> PS. Referencing and earlier topic: Hippocampus
> But hippocampus is a place where there has been a tremendous success
> in the interaction of theory, modeling, and experiment.

At the CNS meeting in Edinburg Scotland, a couple of years ago - I  
walked down the line of hippocampal modeling posters and suggested to  
each P.I. that it would be wonderful next year, if they could all  
merge their models into one - and start working from one base.  The  
process of merger alone would be an historical event likely generating  
many insights.  Given the success (and focus) on the hippocampus, this  
seemed an obvious next step to me - there were, of course, all kinds  
of excuses offered for why this shouldn't / couldn't be done.  (me  
work with him?  are you kidding?)

Unfortunate, given that I agree, the Hippocampus provides a wonderful  
opportunity for moving the infrastructure of computational  
neuroscience forward -- in addition, in Roger Traubs efforts, you have  
one of the first serious efforts to build a realistic network model -  
unfortunately still, I understand, in Fortran, but never-the-less a  
great base of work and thought.

With respect to lone-wolfism -- human reproductive strategy will  
always push us in that direction -- and, certainly, there have been  
and continue to be many lone wolfs in physics -- however, an entire  
field whose structure is based on rewards for lone wolfs, confronted  
with the task we are confronted with - makes no sense to me.  How do  
you know a real lone wolf from one who simply has rabies?


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