[Comp-neuro] The sniffing brain and free will.

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Fri Aug 15 20:46:45 CEST 2008

Hi, all

Dr. Bower i believe in free will (as a consequence in being trained as philosopher) But i don´t want to use very obstruse philosophical arguments to argue in favor of free eill or cogntive freedom.

I think your point of view is too much chouvinistic focusing in your own area of expertise, the olfatory system. If we take as a model our decision machinery as Paul Glimcher has been showed it is an intrinsic random number generator, randomness, in the way our neurons "choose". It is imposible to predict even if we can causally trace evrey neural event how someone can act.

Free will is not just hope, it´s a real instance in how our nervous system works.


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