[Comp-neuro] RE: Hilbert questions

Bill Lytton billl at neurosim.downstate.edu
Fri Aug 15 16:35:32 CEST 2008

Misha Tsodyks, chief editor of the new journal 'Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience'
recently put forth some major questions in computational neuroscience.

Here is a nice illustration of the great divide in computational neuroscience approaches.
For those who might otherwise miss my point, I have taken the trouble to cogitate deeply and
provide unbiased answers to his questions.  Did the whole thing without even using up the whole

> Are there simple mathematical laws that capture the fundamental laws that govern the operation
> of neural systems?


> Will we one day understand the brain to a similar degree as we now understand the
>  material world? 


> If so, we will be able to quantitatively predict complicated cognitive behaviours  under
> arbitrary external and internal conditions and build good brain emulators, very much as we can
> predict the trajectory of an asteroid or design a bridge with a given safety level.


> Computational Neuroscience is a still nascent field, aspiring to imitate the great success of
> theoretical physics.

NOT -- well, ok, it is nascent


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