[Comp-neuro] Re: model brains

Anne-Elise Tobin atobin at brandeis.edu
Wed Aug 13 18:36:26 CEST 2008

I've been only skimming some of this discussion, pardon me if I repeat 
what others have said.

Brad Wyble wrote:
> As I understand the  other end of the spectrum, we construct 
> increasingly realistic models and end up with a simulated brain 
> without a real understanding of how it works, which makes no sense to 
> me.  Understanding is what we're after, and that understanding can 
> only reside in the brains of the population of scientists, not in 
> their models. 
If we could actually create a good simulated brain, then we would have a 
very powerful tool towards reaching an understanding of how it works.  
We could poke and prod that model in ways that we simply cannot do with 
real brains (human or not).  While I understand the position of "I have 
a model that is too complicated for me to understand", I do think there 
can be great value in that model.


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