[Comp-neuro] Book annoucement: Complex and Apative Dynamical Systems

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Thu Aug 7 09:57:50 CEST 2008

Dear Colleagues,
It is a pleasure to announce the availability of the textbook

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems: A Primer 
(Springer Complexity, Softcover) 
ISBN: 978-3540718734
by Claudius Gros

Complex and adaptive dynamical systems are ubiquitous and 
the brain constitutes a prominent example. The goal of this
book is to provide a general entry point to complex and
dynamical systems based on network architectures.

This primer has been developed with the aim of conveying 
a wide range of commons-sense knowledge in the field 
of quantitative complex system science at an introductory level.
The approach is modular and phenomenology driven. Examples of 
emerging phenomena of generic importance treated in this book are:

- The small world phenomenon in social and scale-free networks; 
- Phase transitions and self-organized criticality in adaptive systems; 
- Life at the edge of chaos and coevolutionary avalanches resulting
   from the unfolding of all living; 
- The concept of living dynamical systems and emotional
   diffusive control within cognitive system theory.

Technical course prerequisites are a basic knowledge of ordinary 
and partial differential equations and of statistics. Each 
chapter comes with exercises and suggestions for further reading,
solutions to the exercises are also provided.
  * Chapter 1: Graph Theory and Small-World Networks
  * Chapter 2: Chaos, Bifurcations and Diffusion
  * Chapter 3: Random Boolean Networks
  * Chapter 4: Cellular Automata and Self-Organized Criticality
  * Chapter 5: Statistical modeling of Darwinian evolution
  * Chapter 6: Synchronization Phenomena
  * Chapter 7: Elements of Cognitive System Theory 

Claudius Gros

*** Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros           ***
*** http://itp.uni-frankfurt.de/~gros ***

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