[Comp-neuro] Call for papers : Second French Conference on Computational Neurosciences (Neurocomp'08)

Laurent Perrinet Laurent.Perrinet at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Wed Apr 23 11:18:42 CEST 2008

       Second French Conference on Computational Neurosciences
     October 8-11th, 2008 Marseille, France - http://2008.neurocomp.fr

   * Submission deadline : June 3rd, 2008.
   * Registration deadline : September 15th, 2008.
   * Conférence : October 8-11, 2008

We invite you to participate to the second french conference on
Computational Neuroscience, "Neurocomp08", which will be held from  
08th to October 11th in Marseille (France). Computational Neuroscience  
the study of the mechanisms governing the processing of information in  
nervous system. This integrative, interdisciplinary approach needs the
constructive input from various fields such as neuroscience, information
science, statistical physics or robotics.

*  Main conference : October 8-10, 2008
*  Two workshops will take place on Saturday 11th.
  o « Computational Vision » organized by Pascal Mamassian and Pierre
  o « Brain-machine interfaces (BMI) » organized by Marc Maier and
    Thomas Brochier

Invited lecturers:
   * Ad Aertsen (Freiburg, Germany)
   * Gustavo Deco (Barcelona, Spain)
   * Gregor Schöner (Bochum, Germany)
   * Andrew B. Schwartz (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

The communication proposals should be submitted in english or french as
a 4-pages extended abstract.
The submission is electronic, see the submission page below. The  
will be reviewed and the more appropriate presentation mode (oral
or poster) or possible rejection will be communicated by the end of  

Submission page : http://neurocomp2008.confmaster.net

The conference encompasses a broad list of topics, from realistic/data
related models to large-scale integrative models. The link between the
proposed models and the explanation of neuronal treatments mechanisms
should be clearly exposed.

After the conference, a separate review process will take place in order
to select some of the presented work for publication (special issue of
J. Physiol. - Paris).

Student submission and early results are particularily welcome.
Free registration is possible for students making a motivated request to
the organizing committee.

Organizing committee (e-mail neurocomp08-orga at risc.cnrs.fr )
   * Laurent Perrinet, INCM, Marseille,
   * Emmanuel Daucé, ISM, Marseille,
   * Joëlle Forestier, INCM, Marseille,
   * Alexa Riehle, INCM, Marseille
   * Guillaume Masson, INCM, Marseille
   * Jean-Luc Blanc, LNIA, Marseille
   * Bruno Torresani, LATP, CMI, Marseille
   * Viktor Jirsa, ISM, Marseille

Program Chair:
   * Frédéric Alexandre, DR INRIA, Nancy, Inria, projet Cortex
   * Nicolas Brunel, DR CNRS, Paris, Laboratoire de Neurophysique et
   * Emmanuel Daucé, MdC, Marseille, UMR 6152 Institut des Sciences du
   * Alain Destexhe, DR CNRS, Unité de Neurosciences Intégratives et
   * Jacques Droulez, DR CNRS, Paris, Collège de France Laboratoire de
     Physiologie de la Perception et de l'action
   * Olivier Faugeras, DR INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, INRIA, Projet Odyssée
   * Yves Frégnac, DR CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, Unité de Neurosciences
     Intégratives et Computationnelle
   * Line Garnero, DR CNRS, CNRS UPR 640, Laboratoire de Neurosciences
     Cognitives et Imagerie Cérébrale
   * Rémi Gervais, Professeur, Lyon 1, Laboratoire Neurosciences
     Sensorielles Comportement Cognition, UMR 5020
   * Marc Maier, Professeur,UMR 742, Inserm/UPMC Action Neuroimage
   * Pascal Mamassian, DR CNRS, FRE 2929, Laboratoire Psychologie de la
   * Guillaume Masson, DR CNRS, CNRS, Institut de Neurosciences  
     de la Méditerranée
   * Hélène Paugam-Moisy, Professeur, Lyon 2, LIRIS, UMR 5201,
     Modélisation et découverte de connaissances
   * Jean-Baptiste Poline, chercheur, CEA, Département de Recherche
     Médicale - CEA - DSV, Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot
   * Mathias Quoy, Professeur, Cergy-Pontoise, ENSEA-UCP, UMR 8051
     Traitement des Images et du Signal
   * Manuel Samuelides, Professeur, Toulouse, ONERA/DTIM, Modèles
     Mathématiques, Statistiques et Numériques
   * Simon Thorpe, DR CNRS, Toulouse, CERCO-UMR 5549, Centre de  
     cerveau et cognition
   * Thierry Viéville, DR INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, INRIA, Projet Odyssée
   * Sylvie Renaud, Professeur, Bordeaux, IMS

Practical Information :

You will need to make your own hotel and transportation arrangements.
We will have a list of recommended hotels on the conference web site.
Transportation information will also be available on the conference web

Please contact us (e-mail neurocomp08 at risc.cnrs.fr ) for any further

We look forward to seeing you in Marseille this fall!

Laurent Perrinet - INCM (UMR6193)/CNRS

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