[Comp-neuro] PhD-position in Norway - modelling of extracellular potentials

Gaute Einevoll gaute.einevoll at umb.no
Thu Apr 17 14:51:05 CEST 2008

A full-time limited-term position as PhD stipendiate is available at
the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology of the
Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås, Norway. The PhD project
focuses on computational modelling of extracellular potentials from
underlying neural activity.  The position is financed through a
grant from the Research Council of Norway and is limited to three

The Computational Neuroscience Group at the Department of
Mathematical Sciences and Technology of the Norwegian University of
Life Sciences received in 2007 a substantial grant under the
eScience program of the Research Council of Norway (RCN): eNEURO -
Multilevel Modeling and Simulations.  We are thus expanding our
activities and are looking for a PhD stipendiate as part of the
eNEURO project. The PhD stipendiate position has research education
as a primary goal. The successful applicant will thus become a PhD
student at our department and is expected to finish a PhD during the
alotted time period. For information on our group and the eNEURO
project, see arken.umb.no/compneuro.

Our group presently consists of four permanent faculty members
(Einevoll, Indahl, Plesser, Wyller), one researcher, three
post-docs, three doctoral students and a scientfic programmer, and
will grow in the next few years. We have close collaborations with
experimental and computational neuroscientists at University of Oslo
(Storm, Heggelund), University of California at San Diego (Dale,
Devor), RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Diesmann, Grün) and the Honda
Research Institute Europe (Gewaltig). We enjoy prioritized access to
the Norwegian national scientific high-performance computing
resources as part of the eNeuro grant (www.notur.no).

The PhD project will focus on mathematical/computational modelling
of extracellular potentials (e.g., local field potential) as
recorded in the brain by various types of electrodes. A combination
of detailed compartmental modelling (using the simulator Neuron) and
electromagnetic forward modelling (using the programming language
Python) will be used. For more information on modelling of
extracellular potentials and links to our group's previous
publications on the topic, see

The successful applicant must have a mathematically oriented masters
degree (e.g., in physics, computer science, mathematics or
computational biology) and proven skills in computer-based
mathematical modelling. A background in computational neuroscience
is considered advantageous, likewise working experience from using
high-level programming languages like Python, Matlab, Java  or C++.
The working language in our group is English. We would like to
increase the number of women in our group and encourage women to

The position is financed through the eNeuro grant of the
Research Council of Norway limited to three years, starting
preferably no later than 1 August 2008. The contract period will be
extended in case of parental leave. The salary is expected to
start at state salary level 43 currently NOK 325800 (USD  61500) per
year followed by annual increases. For applicants with significant
relevant job experience a higher starting salary (up to state salary
level 47, currently NOK 349100) may be negotiated. Please contact
prof. Gaute T. Einevoll (+47-95124536, gaute.einevoll at umb.no) for
more information.

Deadline for applications: May 1st 2008

Please submit your application, which should include a CV with a
publication list, either electronically via www.jobbnorge.no, see
or by conventional mail to Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and
Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, PO Box 5003, 1432
Aas, Norway. Please mark your letter with position code 08/392.

Gaute T. Einevoll, Physics
Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
P.O.Box 5003, 1432 Aas, Norway; ph: +47-64965433, fax: +47-64965401, mobile: +47-95124536
Home: Plataaveien 9, 1369 Stabekk (+47-67580805)
e-mail:  Gaute.Einevoll at umb.no   URL: http://arken.umb.no/~gautei/

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