[Comp-neuro] CFP Modelling the Brain and Nervous System, Auckland, NZ

Lubica Benuskova lubica at cs.otago.ac.nz
Mon Apr 14 08:51:56 CEST 2008

INNS–NNN Symposia (New directions in Neural Networks)

24-25 November 2008, Auckland, NZ
associated with ICONIP 2008 (25-28 November 2008)


"Modelling the Brain and Nervous Systems"

Symposium 1: Development and Learning
Co-Chairs: John Weng and Jeffrey L. Krichmar

Invited speakers (preliminary list): Mriganka Sur, MIT; Jeffrey L.
Krichmar, Neural Science Institute, La Jolla, USA; Steven Levinson,
University of Illinois; Mike Merzenich, UCSF; John Weng, Michigan State

Symposium 2: Computational Neurogenetic Modelling
Co-Chairs: Lubica Benuskova, Alessandro E. P. Villa, Nikola Kasabov

Invited speakers (preliminary list): Gary F. Marcus, University of New
York; Alessandro E. P. Villa, University of Lausanne; Cliff Abraham,
University of Otago, NZ; Lubica Benuskova, KEDRI/AUT, NZ; Nikola Kasabov,
KEDRI/AUT, NZ; Hiroshi Kojima, U.Tamagawa, Japan, Dr. Yaochu Jin, Honda
Research Institute Europe.

Papers submission: Papers are to be submitted to the on-line system.
Papers of maximum 8 pages should be prepared in the LNCS Springer format.

Deadline for paper submissions:  31st August 2008.
(People who need visa arrangements must send their papers by end of May
2008. They will be reviewed and a letter sent by end of June).

Publications: All accepted papers will be published in Springer LNCS after
the conference. Selected papers will be invited to a special issue of a
journal Neural Networks.

Fees: US$350 (US$150 for students). A fee to attend both the INNS/NNN08
and ICONIP08 is US$800 and US$350 for students. Members of co-sponsorship
organisations will be charged a registration fee of 680 USD only for
attending both conferences.

Lubica Benuskova, PhD
phone: +64 (0)3 479 8587
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