[Comp-neuro] Large real-world color object dataset available

Alexander Gepperth alexander.gepperth at honda-ri.de
Mon Oct 15 16:08:06 CEST 2007

A large dataset of real-world color objects is now available. It
consists of the object classes "car" (~1800 examples), "signal
board"(~1000 examples)
and "clutter"(~3500 examples). The objects were taken from the
segmentation results of a vision system operating within a moving car
and are thus
biased as well as imperfectly segmented, posing challenges to object
recognition. The data is partitioned into 4 classes of (heuristically
increasing complexity and difficulty.
The dataset consists of images in the standard PPM format and can be
obtained from


The paper in which this dataset is described and used is
A. Gepperth, B. Mersch, J. Fritsch, C. Goerick. Color object recognition
in real-world scenes.
In J.M. de Sa, editor, ICANN 2007, part II, Lecture notes in Computer
Science, number 4469.
Springer Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, 2007.

available from the same site:

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