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Dear Friends, 
As you recall, my two-year old daughter, Sarah Jane Donohue, was shaken
by her baby nurse when she was only 5 days old breaking both collar
bones, three ribs, and causing a severe brain injury. 

Since then, we have been working very hard with her to overcome her
pediatric traumatic brain injury (PTBI). Her development is slow but we
continue to see improvements. Over the past two years it has become
clear the field of neuroscience and specifically pediatric
neurorehabilitation is still in its infancy (think of the computer
science industry in the 1960s and 1970s). With that in mind, we launched
The Sarah Jane Brain Project on Monday, October 22, 2007. The Sarah Jane
Brain Project is bringing researchers, medical and therapy
professionals, and parents together to collaborate on the efforts to
rehabilitate our children. Using the principles of Open Source for the
first time, we are making medical and research history with this

Please visit the website www.TheBrainProject.org
<http://www.thebrainproject.org/>  to get a better understanding of our

In addition, if you have friends, family or colleagues who are in one of
the categories below, please forward this to them - they will be very
interested in this project: 

1) Parents or guardians of children suffering from Pediatric Traumatic
Brain Injury or other brain injuries
2) Researchers and students in the field of neuroscience,
neuroinformatics or neurorehabilitation
3) Doctors, therapists, and other professionals working with children
suffering from PTBI or other brain injuries
4) Media who cover children's health, medicine, neurology or technology 

Below is a copy of the press release (and here is the link to the
release: Click
0Children%20with%20Brain%20Injuries.pdf>  here.). 

Please let me know your thoughts, any comments about the website and
project, and any constructive advice. Thank you in advance for taking
the time and please continue to keep Sarah Jane in your thoughts and
prayers - they are working! 

All the best,

Patrick B. Donohue, Esq.
The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, Inc.
181 Broadway - Suite 300
New York, NY 10007

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The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, Inc.

For Release: Monday, October 22, 2007

Contact: Patrick Donohue
212-201-0599 / 917-681-5797 (cell)
Email: Patrick at thebrainproject.org


The Sarah Jane Brain Project Changes Rehabilitation For Children With
Brain Injuries

Using the Principles of Open Source for the First Time,
www.TheBrainProject.org, Creates New Portal for Parents and
Professionals Dealing With Children Suffering From Traumatic Brain

New York, NY - October 22, 2007 - The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation
launched the first phase of The Sarah Jane Brain Project through the web
portal www.TheBrainProject.org at a press conference in New York City
today. The site uses the principles of Open Source with a person's
medical records for the first time in history and aims to bring parents
and professionals dealing with children suffering from Pediatric
Traumatic Brain Injury (PTBI) together in an open and free forum. The
first phase displays Sarah Jane Donohue as the model for Open Source
Medicine by freely and completely disseminating all of Sarah Jane's
medical records and videos of therapy treatments. This first phase will
recruit additional children suffering from PTBI from around the world to
be part of the Project and recruit parents and professionals from around
the world to be part of the different Advisory Boards being established.
Sarah Jane Donohue is! a two-year old who was shaken by her baby nurse
when she was only five days old and suffered a severe brain injury. 

"As a father of a two-year old daughter suffering from pediatric
traumatic brain injury, I am very optimistic about creating a
collaborative environment so we can see our children reach their maximum
potential," Sarah Jane Donohue's father, Patrick said at the press
conference today. "With today's technology, we can easily create
communication between a research scientist in Switzerland, a physical
therapist in Florida, and a parent in Toronto to find the best practical
advice and direction for our children. By putting all of Sarah Jane's
information on www.TheBrainProject.org we are using the principles of
Open Source for the first time to create an open, free forum." 

"There are tens of thousands of children across the United States and
around the world who are suffering from the impact of a traumatic brain
injury. The Sarah Jane Brain Project will help families help their
children," said Darryl Gibbs, the Co-founder of the Cynthia Gibbs
Foundation which advocates reducing incidents of child abuse and neglect
and raises awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome. "The website
www.TheBrainProject.org will quickly become the most important site for
these families." 

"The Sarah Jane Brain Project will change the paradigm of partnership
between parents and professionals," said Margaret Mikol, Executive
Director of SKIP of New York, a not-for-profit advocacy and case
management agency for families of developmentally disabled children. "By
using Open Source principles, The Sarah Jane Brain Project creates an
atmosphere of shared interests - parents, professionals, and researchers
- all working to enrich the lives of these children and their families."

The largest killer and disabler of our children each year is brain
injuries. Every year 1,000,000 kids are taken to emergency rooms with
traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries and an estimated 30,000
children become permanently disabled every year due to brain injuries.
The Sarah Jane Brain Project is working to assist the rehabilitation of
these children by bringing together research, medical and therapeutic
professionals along with the parents and guardians of these children in
a free and open online forum, www.TheBrainProject.org. This forum will
be the first time the principles of open source will be used dealing
directly with people. 



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