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Dirk Hoyer dirk.hoyer at biomag.uni-jena.de
Wed Nov 7 12:11:48 CET 2007



We are pleased to announce a


in the Biomagnetic Center, Department of Neurology at the Friedrich 
Schiller University in Jena, Germany in collaboration with GIPSA-lab, 
Images and signal Department (DIS ; C. Jutten and R. Sameni) – joint 
CNRS unit UMR 5216, associated with Grenoble universities, France.

The research will be devoted to the study of fetal heart rate pattern 
and fetal brain evoked fields in a funded clinical study “Biomagnetic 
investigations of the fetal autonomic and central nervous maturation and 
its disturbances due to intrauterine growth restriction and 
glucocorticoid administration”.

The ideal candidates should have capabilities and experiences in 
multichannel signal analysis, principal/independent component analysis, 
and filter techniques. Main objective of his (her) work will be the 
identification of Acoustic Evoked Cortical Fields from multichannel 
magnetic measurements.

We offer the opportunity to join a highly motivated interdisciplinary 
research group. The selected candidate will have the chance to further 
develop, and extend his respective skills. We also offer the possibility 
to do a PhD. The appointee will receive a salary according to the German 
civil service pay scale (BAT IIa).

The work should start as soon as possible and can be organized as 6 
month full time or 12 month 50% part time job.

To apply for this position please send (preferably in PDF format) a 
cover letter, a CV including a list of your previous scientific work and 
publications, and the name and electronic addresses of a mentor willing 
to provide a recommendation letter to Dr. Dirk Hoyer (email: 
dirk.hoyer at biomag.uni-jena.de).

In the framework of the collaboration with Grenoble, short visits (1 
week to 1 month) to Grenoble can be possible.

Please, feel free to forward this announcement to anybody who might be 

Dirk Hoyer, PhD

Head of the Systems Analysis Team
Biomagnetic Center, Department of Neurology
Clinical Center of Friedrich Schiller University 
07740 Jena, Germany
http://www.biomag.uni-jena.de <http://www.biomag.uni-jena.de/>
dirk.hoyer at biomag.uni-jena.de <mailto:dirk.hoyer at biomag.uni-jena.de>

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