[Comp-neuro] CFP: Web Intelligence and Brain Informatics 2007

Jia Hu wi-iat at maebashi-it.org
Sat May 12 07:57:51 CEST 2007

                     International Workshop on 
       New Computing Paradigms for Web Intelligence meets Brain Informatics 
                             (WImBI 2007)

          for IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conferences on WI/IAT
                2-5 November 2007, Silicon Valley, USA

This workshop is based on a new perspective of Web Intelligence (WI) research in terms of Brain Informatics (BI), which is a new interdisciplinary field to study human information processing mechanism systematically from both macro and micro points of view by cooperatively using experimental cognitive neuroscience and WI centric advanced information technology. 

We argue that new instrumentation (fMRI etc.) and advanced information technology are causing an impending revolution in Web intelligence and Brain Sciences (BS). This revolution is bi-directional: new understanding and discovery of human intelligence models in BS will yield a new generation of WI research and development; and WI based portal techniques will provide a new powerful platform for BS.

The synergy between WI with BI will yield profound advances in the analysing and understanding of the mechanism of data, knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, as well as their relationship, organization and creation process. It means that fundamental and implementation of Web intelligence will be studied as a central topic and in a unique way. It will fundamentally change the nature of information technology in general and artificial intelligence in particular, towards human-level Web intelligence.

The main themes, to be addressed include, but not limited to:

1.	Intelligent and knowldge-based technologies in Web Intelligence (WI)
•	Web Data Mining and Reasoning
•	Ontology Engineering and Sematic Web
•	Social Networks Mining
•	Web Information Gathering
•	Adaptive Web and Information Foraging 
•	Web Agent Technology
•	Granular Computing (GrC) for WI
•	Autonomy-Oriented Computing (AOC) for WI
•	Web Support Systems
•	Intelligent E-Technology
•	Active Media Technology
2.	Studies on human intelligence as explored in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and brain science instrumentation. 
•	Biologically Motivated Intelligent Algorithms and Systems
•	Brain Informatics for WI
•	Computational Modeling of Cognitive Processing
•	Databasing the Brain and Brain Information Base Construction
•	Developing Brain Informatics Data Grid and Research Support Portals        
•	Human Level WI
•	Knowledge Representation and Discovery in Neuroimaging
•	Multimodal Information Fusion for Brain Image Interpretation
•	New Cognitive Models for WI
•	New Computational Models for WI
•	Statistical Analysis and Pattern Recognition in  Neuroimaging
3.	WIC (Web Intelligence Consortium) research centres reports.  


Papers will be published by IEEE-CS Press. The length of accepted papers should NOT exceed 4 pages (IEEE-CS format, extra payment is only available for one more extra page). Also a selected number of accepted papers will be expanded and revised for inclusion in several special issues. 




June 20, 2007:			Full workshop papers submission
August 2, 2007: 		Notification of paper acceptance
August 17, 2007: 		Camera-ready of accepted papers
November 2-5, 2007: 		Workshops


Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck, Austria (dieter.fensel at deri.org)
Yuefeng Li, Queensland University of Technology, Australia (y2.li at qut.edu.au)
Yulin Qin, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (yulinq at yahoo.com)

Program Committee:

Jiyuan An, Deakin University, Australia, jiyuan at deakin.edu.au, 
Hui Wang, Ulster Univeristy, UK,  h.wang at ulster.ac.uk, 
Jigui Sun, Jilin University, China, jgsun at jlu.edu.cn
Yue Xu, Queensland University of Technology, Australia,  yue.xu at qut.edu.au, 
Raymond Lau, City University, Hong Kong, raylau at cityu.edu.hk, 
Longbing Cao, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, lbcao at it.uts.edu.au, 
Yiyu Yao, University of Regina, Canada, yyao at cs.uregina.ca, 
Pawan Lingras,  SMU, Canada,  < pawan at cs.smu.ca>, 
Chunping Li, Tsinghua University, China, cli at tsinghua.edu.cn, 
Guoyin Wang, Chongqing Univeristy of Technology, China, wanggy at cqupt.edu.cn, 
Shichao Zhang, UTS, Australia, zhangsc at it.uts.edu.au, 
Frank van Harmelen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Frank.van.Harmelen at cs.vu.nl 
Hamish Cunningham, University of Sheffield, hamish at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Lael Schooler, Max Planck Institute Berlin, schooler at mpib-berlin.mpg.de  
Michael Witbrock, CYC, witbrock.cyc.com at gmail.com
Stijn Heymans, University of Innsbruck, Austria, stijn.heymans at deri.org 
Peter Brezany, University of Vienna, Austria brezany at par.univie.ac.at 
Joongmin Choi, Hanyang University, Korea, jmchoi at cse.hanyang.ac.kr 
Yanqing Zhang, Georgia State University, USA, yzhang at cs.gsu.edu 
Shusaku Tsumoto, Shimane University, Japan, tsumoto at computer.org 
Mariofanna Milanova, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA, mgmilanova at ualr.edu  
Duoqian Miao, Tongji University, China, ldgyq2003 at yahoo.com.cn 
Wenyu Qu, Dalian Maritime University, China, eunice_01 at 163.com 
Gisela Susanne Bahr, Florida Institute of Technology, USA, gbahr at fit.edu

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