[Comp-neuro] Competition: predicting single-neuron behavior

Arnd Roth arnd.roth at ucl.ac.uk
Sat Mar 17 09:05:03 CET 2007

Here is our Challenge, open to everybody in
in neural modeling, machine learning, or similar fields:

     - Is it possible to predict the timing
        of every spike that a neuron emits with 2 ms precision?
     - Is it possible to predict the subthreshold membrane potential
        with a precision of 2 mV for arbitrary input?

Annotated training data and test stimuli from several
cells under different stimulation conditions are available

Important dates
     * Data set available by March 16.
     * Participants must submit their prediction by June 1st.
     * Winner announced around June 10 .
     * Winning results will be presented at the workshop June 25/26
        Quantitative Neuron Modeling: Predicting every spike?

Competition and Prizes
The competition is organized in several categories, called A,B,C,D.  
Participants may run in one or several categories

     * 1st prize :

           o 4 nights of hotel in Lausanne at the Lake of Geneva,
                  June 23-27.
           o Free participation in the Quantitative Neuron Modeling
  	        workshop June 25/26
           o 35-minute-slot for talk as an
                 Invited Speaker at the workshop.

     * 2nd prize:

           o Free participation in the
                 Quantitative Neuron Modeling workshop June 25/26
           o Poster presentation and poster spotlight in the workshop.

Methods and Models:
The only aspect that counts for us is the quality of the prediction  
on the test set. In terms of methods, anything goes
(Machine learning, compartmental model, integrate-and-fire model,
systems identification etc)

For details

We hope that many people will take up the challenge.
Let the best model win!

The organisation team
Renaud Jolivet
Arnd Roth
Felix Schuermann
Wulfram Gerstner

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