[Comp-neuro] Call For INNS SIG Support Applications

Peter Andras peter.andras at newcastle.ac.uk
Thu Mar 15 15:43:03 CET 2007

Call For INNS SIG Support Applications

The International Neural Network Society (INNS) Special Interest Groups
Committee (SIGCOM) has limited funds to promote and support topical and
regional SIG activities. Such activities may include, but are not
limited to: invitation of leading experts to workshops, symposia or
conferences; travel fellowships for postdocs and PhD students; support
for meetings aimed to develop joint research projects.

Applications should be sent to an INNS SIGCOM Financial Sub-Committee
member (Soo-Young  Lee at sylee at kaist.ac.kr <mailto:sylee at kaist.ac.kr> ;
Peter Andras at peter.andras at ncl.ac.uk <mailto:peter.andras at ncl.ac.uk>

Each application should include: (1) a brief description of the event,
(2) the requested amount, (3) justification of the amount, (4) a budget
detailing how the support will be used, (5) and indication how the event
will facilitate INNS SIG activity. For more information on INNS SIG,
please visit our web page at: cnd.memphis.edu/sig/.

Receipt of applications will be acknowledged. Applications are evaluated
as they arrive. Decisions will be communicated to applicants within 4
months after the receipt of the application has been acknowledged. 


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