[Comp-neuro] Post-doc postion (Zaragoza-Spain)

Javier Minguez jminguez at unizar.es
Wed Mar 7 10:01:08 CET 2007

Dear all,

I am seeking a person to apply for a "Juan de la Cierva" POST-DOC to
work in my project Biological Human – Robot Interaction for Mobility
(more info below) within the Robotics Group in the University of
Zaragoza, Spain.

The ideal candidate would be an person with a PhD in any of the following
fields: brain-computer interfaces, signal processing or machine
•       Tasks: The main task for the candidate will be to conduct research
in the project. The position is for 3 years.
•       Salary: 24.750 €/year
•       Contact: Applicants should send their Cvs and letter of intentions
before March 12th to Javier Minguez (jminguez at unizar.es).

This project focuses on the biological human – robot interaction. The
objective is to supervise, evaluate and control machines using
biological parameters of humans such as cerebral, cardiac, or
respiratory activity. The team will develop brain-computer interfaces,
machine learning, signal processing and control strategies to involve
these parameters in the motion control paradigm of robots. The
applications of this research are all situations where robots
supervise humans or humans control robots based on their biological
parameters. More info:

The candidate will join the team  focussing the research in the
interaction between brain computer interfaces (EEG-based non invasive
measurement of brain potentials) and an autonomous robotic wheelchair.
The focus would be on the study of cognitive states to evaluate motion
situations and on the motion controls via the cerebral activity (BCI).

The Robotics Group has a strong tradition in robotics, perception and
real-time systems. The Group has 25 researchers, where 12 of them are
PhD researchers. In January there are 10 new PhD students joining the
team from all around the world. There are now 5 other EU and Spanish
projects running in parallel. Furthermore, the Group has a laboratory
with more than 6 fully equipped robots including the intelligent
wheelchair and all the computers, electric, electronic material,
facilities, etc… .

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