[Comp-neuro] Single-Neuron Modeling award and competition

Arnd Roth arnd.roth at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 12 03:09:55 CET 2007

We would like to invite you to participate in the Quantitative Single- 
Neuron Modeling Competition 2008 http://lcn.epfl.ch/QuantNeuronMod2008/

Why such a competition?
How well are single-cell properties reproduced by the present-day  
neuronal models?  Recently, several labs have approached this  
question by assessing the quality of neuron models with respect to  
spike timing prediction or characteristic features of the voltage  
trace.  So far, every modeler used their own preferred performance  
measure on their own data set.  The Quantitative Single-Neuron  
Modeling Competition offers a coherent framework to compare neuronal  
models with four different experiments on layer V pyramidal neurons  
from rat somatosensory cortex under somatic and dendritic stimulation.

This competition is an opportunity to bridge the gap between  
experimentalists and modelers (are there modelers who always dreamed  
of testing their theoretical model, and experimentalists who wondered  
which model to use for their specific case?).  The Quantitative  
Single-Neuron Modeling Competition is an invitation to compare your  
methods and models to those of other people in the field.  With good  
participation, the outcome of this competition will be of great  
interest to both experimentalists and network modelers.

Participants can submit their prediction to one or more of the  
challenges A, B, C or D.  See http://lcn.epfl.ch/QuantNeuronMod2008/  
for details.  Anyone can participate and any type of model is accepted.

The prizes are given upon the disclosure of the model used.
- 1st prize: The Swiss Single-Neuron Modeling Award (10 000 CHF*) is  
given to the participant(s) providing the best performance in at  
least 2 of the challenges.
- 2nd prize: The EPFL-Brain Mind Institute Neuron Modeling Award (500  
CHF*) is given to the participant(s) providing best overall  
performance in one of the challenges A, B, C or D.

* Members of EPFL can participate but are not eligible to the  
monetary reward. In case of a tie for any of the prizes, the amount  
is divided in equal parts.

Important Dates
- February 15th 2008 : Submission deadline.
- March 3rd-4th 2008 : Presentation of the results at the workshop on  
Data sharing and modeling challenges in neuroscience taking place  
during Cosyne 2008 meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL)
Thomas Berger (EPFL)
Arnd Roth (UCL)

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