[Comp-neuro] PhD in Complex Dynamical Systems - Cognitive System Theory

gros07 at itp.uni-frankfurt.de gros07 at itp.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Dec 4 11:55:34 CET 2007

Fellow Computational and Theoretical Neuroscientists
        and Cognitive-System Scientists

I would like to brink your attention our PhD-program in
Complex Dynamical Systems - Cognitive System Theory

   At the Institute of Theoretical Physics,
   University of Frankfurt am Main,

   Field(s): cognitive systems, complex systems,
             neural networks, adaptive dynamical systems,
             theoretical neuroscience

   Application deadline: January 6, 2008

   Contact: Prof. Claudius Gros

   E-mail: secretariate[@]itp.uni-frankfurt.de

   Address: Institute for Theoretical Physics,
            J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt,

   Job description:
   Applications are invited for a PhD position,
   with a BAT IIa/2 salary, equivalent to about
   1000 Euro monthly.

   Complex systems in the form of dynamical
   gene-regulation networks constitute the basis
   of all livings. On a higher level it constitutes
   a central challenge to understand the brain and
   to develop a comprehensive theory of artificial
   cognitive systems in terms of structured dynamical
   The field of research involves the development of
   the Frankfurt Cognitive System Platform for an
   autonomous general-purpose cognitive system based
   on a meta-network of self-adapting generalized
   neural networks.

   The candidates should  have a Diploma/Master in
   natural sciences, cognitive sciences or informatics
   with an excellent academic track record and good
   computational skills. Experience or strong interest
   in the fields of artificial or biological cognitive
   systems are expected. The degree of scientific research
   experience is expected to be on the level of a
   German Diploma/Master.

   The appointments will start in early 2008, for
   up to three years.

   Interested applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and
   arrange for two letters of reference to be sent to the
   address below.

     Maripola Kolokotsa
     Institute for Theoretical Physics
     J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt
     Max-von-Laue-Str. 1
     60438 Frankfurt am Main


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