[Comp-neuro] Results of Election of Authors in Scholarpedia

Eugene M. Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at nsi.edu
Sat Dec 1 11:40:49 CET 2007

Scholarpedia - the free peer-reviewed encyclopedia - is conducting 
election of authors for certain articles with the goal to identify the 
best living expert to invite to write the articles.

The results of five elections are:

Dr. Paul J. Werbos elected for "Error Back-Propagation"
Dr. Charles F. Stevens elected for "Synapse"
Dr. John O'Keefe elected for "Place Cells"
Dr. Daniel Johnston elected for "Electrophysiology"
Dr. Miguel A. L. Nicolelis elected for "Brain-Machine Interface"

All these experts have already agreed to write their corresponding articles.

The lists of nominees (in the chronological order of nomination by the 
public) are provided below.

== Error Back-Propagation ==
1. James L. (Jay) McClelland
2. Terrence J. Sejnowski
3. Paul J. Werbos **
4. James A. Anderson
5. Geoffrey Hinton
6. Yann LeCun

== Synapse ==
1. Charles F. Stevens **
2. Rodolfo Llinas
3. Gordon Shepherd
4. Eric Kandel

== Place Cells ==
1. John O'Keefe **
2. Bruce McNaughton
3. William Skaggs
4. Edvard Moser

== Electrophysiology ==
1. Daniel Johnston **
2. Bertil Hille

== Brain-Machine Interface ==
1. Miguel A. L. Nicolelis **
2. Andrew B. Schwartz
3. John Donoghue
4. Richard Andersen

Scholarpedia update:

Registered users: 3189
Curators: 959
Editors: 23

Reserved articles: 899
Peer-reviewed and accepted articles: 245

Top 10 Scholars (highest Scholar Index; see 

(82.1): Yuri A. Kuznetsov, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
(65.1): Jeff Moehlis, University of California, Santa Barbara,
(50.0): John Guckenheimer, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
(48.1): James Meiss, Applied Mathematics University of Colorado
(45.0): Edward Ott, University of Maryland, MD, USA
(40.1): Skip Thompson, Radford University, Radford, Virginia
(35.0): James Murdock, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
(35.0): Paul M.B. Vitanyi, University of Amsterdam
(35.0): Eric T. Shea-Brown, Courant Institute, New York University
(35.0): Lawrence F. Shampine, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

10 Most cited articles

Dynamical Systems (293 links)
Neuron (231 links)
Brain (204 links)
Stability (202 links)
Periodic Orbit (192 links)
Equilibrium (109 links)
Synchronization (98 links)
Attractor (89 links)
Bifurcation (89 links)
Complexity (85 links)

10 Most popular (viewed) pages

Models of Hypothalamus (38,357 views)
FitzHugh-Nagumo Model (20,216 views)
Thalamus (19,387 views)
Periodic Orbit (18,497 views)
Basal Ganglia (17,164 views)
Bursting (16,973 views)
Confabulation Theory (16,461 views)
Stability (15,586 views)
Dynamical Systems (14,003 views)
Kohonen Network (13,919 views)

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