[Comp-neuro] Postdoc positions in computational neuroscience: cellular and molecular modeling

Erik De Schutter erik at oist.jp
Thu Apr 5 03:44:59 CEST 2007

The Computational Neuroscience Unit at the Okinawa Institute of  
Science and Technology (http://www.oist.jp), Japan is looking for  
postdocs/group leaders to work on:

-   reaction-diffusion modeling of signaling pathways involved in  
synaptic plasticity
-   cellular modeling of Purkinje cells with an emphasis on channel  

Candidates should have experience in bottom-up modeling of neural  
systems and have used relevant software packages (like Kinetikit,  
MCell, Neuron or GENESIS, etc).  They should be interested in using  
computational approaches like those described in:

F. Santamaria, S. Wils, E. De Schutter and G.J. Augustine: Anomalous  
diffusion in Purkinje cell dendrites caused by dendritic spines.  
Neuron 52: 635-648  (2006).
P. Achard and E. De Schutter: Complex parameter landscape for a  
complex neuron model. PLoS Computational Biology 2: e94 (2006).
V. Steuber, W. Mittmann, F.E. Hoebeek, R.A. Silver, C.I. De Zeeuw, M.  
Häusser and E. De Schutter: Cerebellar LTD and pattern recognition by  
Purkinje cells. Neuron 53: 121-136 (2007).

The Computational Neuroscience Unit is housed in the Seaside House of  
OIST, a very attractive English language working environment. OIST  
offers good financial conditions: a salary commensurate with previous  
experience and family situation, a housing allowance and a relocation  
Duration of initial appointments will depend on previous experience,  
appointments can last up to 5 years. Appointments can start anytime  
this year.

Send curriculum vitae, summary of previous experience and research  
interests, and the names of three referees to Prof. Erik De Schutter  
at erik at oist.jp

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