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Frédéric Jurie frederic.jurie at inrialpes.fr
Fri Sep 8 09:53:10 CEST 2006

PhD Scholarship - Learning-based 3D object recognition and localization

The INRIA LEAR Group (http://lear.inrialpes.fr), Grenoble, France, is
recruiting a PhD student in visual object recognition. The goal is to
develop a reliable framework for detecting and recognizing moving 3D
objects in video infra-red sequences. In the context of this project,
the camera is embedded on an aircraft and observes the object to be
recognized. The knowledge within the video sequence is accumulated in
order to recognize the object. The method will build on recent
advances in computer vision to design appropriate descriptors for the
task which capture the 3D variability of the object. Furthermore, we
will use machine learning techniques to capture  the intra-class
variability of the objects and to track the objects within the

We seek a PhD student with a computer vision background, graduated in
applied maths or computer science. The PhD will receive a three year
contract; possible starting dates range from October 2006 to February
2007. For more information and applications please send a CV and the
names of 3 referees to

Dr. Frederic Jurie  (frederic.jurie at inrialpes.fr 
<mailto:frederic.jurie at inrialpes.fr>)
Dr. Cordelia Schmid (cordelia.schmid at inrialpes.fr 
<mailto:cordelia.schmid at inrialpes.fr>)
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