[Comp-neuro] Building a modeling community around neuro-glia interactions

Renaud Jolivet renaud.jolivet at epfl.ch
Mon Sep 4 10:28:21 CEST 2006

Dear colleagues,
I recently started to model neuro-glia interactions. As most of you are 
certainly aware of, this field is undergoing a small revolution as more 
and more evidences accumulate showing the active role of glial cells in 
plasticity, signal processing, metabolism and more. As a newcomer to 
this field, I would be interested to know if a community of modelers 
already exists structured around this topic and if not, would be willing 
to start building one. So, if working on this topic and interested by 
joining forces in a network of researchers, would you please contact me?

Renaud Jolivet

Renaud Jolivet PhD
Brain Mind Institute
+41 21 693 9687

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