[Comp-neuro] neurALC 1.0.0 release

Markus Bongard markus.bongard at umh.es
Fri Sep 1 11:22:32 CEST 2006

gentle persons,

we are happy to report the release of neurALC 1.0.0. neurALC is a  
program intended for working and analyzing neuronal
multi-electrode recordings. In the current version it offers some  
functionality to reveal and analyze parts of the information  
contained in such recordings and it is further intended as a kind of   
``catalyst'' for the development of a free available cross-platform  
program for the analysis of electrophysiological recordings, which is  
freely distributed under the GPL (GNU Public License 2.0).
NeurALC 1.0.0 reads multi-electrode recordings in the Neural Event  
Format (2.0, 2.1; additional formats can be used via NEV2lkit (http:// 
nev2lkit.sf.net)) and offers analysis functions like population  
activity estimation, single electrode/unit PSTH, ISI & instant firing  
rate calculation, correlation/autocorrelation, spectrum, delay,  
mutual information, recurrence plots, among others. Visualization of  
the recordings can be done in 2D and 3D. Database functionality is  
supplied by using MySQL. More information is available from the  
manual which can be found here -.> http://neuralc.sourceforge.net/ 

The program is distributed as source code and binary installer  
packages for Linux, MacOSX and Windows. Please visit the neuralc  
website at http://neuralc.sf.net  for further information and download.


Markus Bongard

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