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                    Computational and Sytems Neuroscience (CoSyNe)

                       MAIN MEETING                   WORKSHOPS
                     Feb 22-25, 2007               Feb 26-27, 2007
                  Salt Lake City, UTAH            The Canyons, UTAH



   * Early registration begins: 15-Nov-06
   * Abstract submission deadline: 15-Dec-06
   * Complete schedule release: 25-Jan-07
   * Regular registration begins: 01-Feb-07
   * On-line registration ends: 20-Feb-07

The annual COSYNE meeting provides an inclusive forum for the  
exchange of experimental and theoretical approaches to problems in  
systems neuroscience.  The meeting is expected to draw about 350-400  
researchers from a wide variety of disciplines.   Topics include but  
are not limited to: neural coding; natural scene statistics;  
dendritic computation; neural basis of persistent activity; nonlinear  
receptive field mapping; representations of time and sequence; reward  
systems; synaptic plasticity; map formation and plasticity;  
population coding; attention; computation with spiking networks.

The MAIN MEETING, held in Salt Lake City, will be single-track, and  
will consist of both oral and poster sessions. Some oral  
presentations will be invited, while others will be drawn from short  
submitted abstracts. Poster presentations will be drawn from  
submitted abstracts.
Invited speakers for this year are as follows:

   * Ehud Ahissar (Weizmann Institute)
   * Richard Andersen (Caltech)
   * Ed Callaway (Salk Institute)
   * Paul Glimcher (NYU)
   * Michael Goldberg (Columbia)
   * Judith Hirsch (USC)
   * Mitsuo Kawato (ATR)
   * Eric Knudsen (Stanford)
   * Mike Lewicki (CMU)
   * Zhaoping Li (UCL)
   * Dan Margoliash (U Chicago)
   * Bruce McNaughton (U Arizona)
   * Bartlett Mel (USC)
   * Sheila Nirenberg (Cornell)
   * Mike Shadlen (U Washington)

The WORKSHOPS will be at the Canyons ski resort nearby, and will  
offer parallel sessions for more in-depth discussion of specialized  
topics. Preliminary workshop topics are as follows:

    1. How silent/active is the brain?
    2. Hippocampal and entorhinal coding across species (2 days)
    3. Emerging information-theoretic measures and methods in  
    4. Neurally plausible statistical inference
    5. Functional requirements of a visual theory
    6. Conserved functions of the basal ganglia circuit
    7. What role does spike synchrony or correlation play in sensory  
    8. Asking why - normative models in neuroscience
    9. Quantitative analysis of shape representation in mid and higher
     level visual areas
   10. Random matrix theory and neural networks
   11. Motor control
   12. Decision making

For further information, please consult the conference web site:


or send email to cosyne at rochester.edu

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