[Comp-neuro] Scholarpedia update: Recent articles in Computational Neuroscience

Eugene M. Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at nsi.edu
Wed Oct 25 07:27:00 CEST 2006

Scholarpedia is a free peer-reviewed encyclopedia that combines the 
philosophies of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Scholarpedia hosts Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, 
Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems, and Encyclopedia of Computational 


All three will be published in a printed form, and will be used as seeds 
to start Encyclopedia of Cognitive Neuroscience, Encyclopedia of Applied 
Mathematics, and Encyclopedia of Computer Science (later next year.)

Scholarpedia update:
Number of registered users: 609
Number of curators: 330
Number of reserved articles: 415
Number of peer-reviewed articles: 23
see http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Special:Allpages&wpShowReviewed=1

5 recent articles in Neuroscience:
Sherman S.M. (2006) Thalamus. Scholarpedia, p.3553
Schultz W. (2006) Reward. Scholarpedia.
Schultz W. (2006) Reward Signals. Scholarpedia.
Freeman W. (2006) Scale-Free Neocortical Dynamics. Scholarpedia.
Beggs J.M. (2006) Neuronal Avalanche. Scholarpedia.

5 recent articles in Dynamical Systems:
Milnor J. (2006) Attractor. Scholarpedia.
Murdock J. (2006) Normal Form. Scholarpedia.
Holmes P. and Shea-Brown E. (2006) Stability. Scholarpedia, p.4208
Kuznetsov Yu. (2006) Andronov-Hopf Bifurcation. Scholarpedia, p.3799
Kuznetsov Yu. (2006) Saddle-Node Bifurcation. Scholarpedia, p.3778

5 recent articles in Computational Intelligence:
Castiglione F. (2006) Agent Based Modeling. Scholarpedia, p.4093
Mares M. (2006) Fuzzy Sets. Scholarpedia.
Hidalgo C. and Barabasi A.-L. (2006) Scale-Free Networks. Scholarpedia.
Rescorla R. (2006) Rescorla-Wagner Model. Scholarpedia.
Johnson D.H.(2006) Signal to Noise Ratio. Scholarpedia.

There is an ongoing election of authors for many articles, including 
"Neuron", "Synapse", "STDP", "Neural Networks", "Associative Memory", 
"Machine Vision", "Error Back-Propagation", "Bayesian Learning". To 
participate in the election, you need to register with the invitation 
key 'IEEE'.

Eugene M. Izhikevich - editor-in-chief of Scholarpedia.

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