[Comp-neuro] Open Position for a PhD-Student in the Berlin NeuroImaging Center

Laurenz Wiskott l.wiskott at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 30 15:41:47 CET 2006

(sent in behalf of Dr. Stephan A. Brandt)


Open Position for a PhD-Student in the Berlin NeuroImaging Center



Department of Neurology, Charit,Ai(B
Charit,Ai(Bplatz 1
D-10117 Berlin, Germany

The Berlin NeuroImaging Center (BNIC) is a young and dynamic lab that
implements interdisciplinary innovative research pertinent to various
themes of neuroscience.

Research group:

   The position is directly related to the project $B!H(Badaptive attention
   mechanisms in conflict processing$B!I(B. The position is available in the
   Vision and Motor Systems Research Group led by PD Dr. Stephan A. Brandt
   and is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in
   collaboration with the Institute of Psychology of the Humboldt
   University, the Freie University of Berlin and the Max Planck Institute
   for Human Development in the DFG funded Forschergruppe $B!H(Bconflicts as
   signals in cognitive systems$B!I(B.


Research topics:

   The goal of this project is to implement and investigate dynamic causal
   models (DCM) of brain areas involved in attentional mechanisms during
   conflict processing. The model will be developed in collaboration with
   the Institute for Theoretical Biology and Bernstein Center for
   Computational Neuroscience Berlin (Dr. Laurenz Wiskott &
   Prof. Dr. John-Dylan Haynes).





   The position will be available as of December 2006. The starting date is
   negotiable. The appointment will be for 1 + 2 years.


   Candidates should provide proof of education in physics, mathematics,
   computer science, electrical engineering or other related field. Strong
   mathematical and programming skills as well as the ability to
   communicate and work well in a team are considered mandatory. Candidates
   with the above named prerequisites who have familiar with dynamic causal
   modelling are also encouraged to apply.


   Salary will be ,A=(B or ,A>(B BAT IIa depending on qualifications, experience,
   age and family status. BAT is the regular salary scale for public
   employees in Germany.


   Informal inquiries can be addressed to PD Dr. Stephan A. Brandt
   stephan.brandt at charite.de


   Formal applications, CV and two letters of recommendation should be sent
   to PD Dr. Stephan A. Brandt at the address given above. Please send only
   copies and not original documents, since the applications will not be
   returned. You can also send applications via email, but please ensure
   that they are complete and in a convenient format.

   Handicapped applicants with corresponding qualifications will be
   considered preferentially. To increase the proportion of female
   scientists, applications of qualified females are especially welcome.


   None. Application will be accepted until the position is filled, as will
   be indicated on the web-page


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