[Comp-neuro] [book] Self-Organization in the Evolution of Speech

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer py at csl.sony.fr
Tue Nov 28 16:18:57 CET 2006

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce you the publication of my book :

Oudeyer, P-Y. (2006) Self-Organization in the Evolution of Speech 
<http://www.csl.sony.fr/%7Epy/book.htm>, Studies in the Evolution of 
Language, Oxford University Press. (Translation by James R. Hurford).

Keywords: self-organization, cultural and biological evolution, 
phonetics, sensori-motor coupling, neural networks, agent-based modeling

This book studies the interactions between self-organization and natural 
selection in the origins of combinatorial speech sounds. In particular, 
it aims to show how concepts coming from complex systems sciences and 
how computational modeling tools involving neural networks and agents 
can help formulate new theories about the origins of culturally shared 
speech codes. It also includes detailed discussions about the 
epistemological foundations of computational modeling in human sciences.

More information, including a sample chapter, is available on the web page:
http://www.csl.sony.fr/~py/book.htm <http://www.csl.sony.fr/%7Epy/book.htm>

Best regards,
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Sony CSL Paris
http://www.csl.sony.fr/~py <http://www.csl.sony.fr/%7Epy>

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